January 22 2016

Vixen comes to Arrow this season

Arrow is going to get some help with the mystical thanks to Megalyn E.K. in the role of Vixen.

Ever since it was announced the TV and movie universes are separate in the eyes of DC, it feels like the TV shows have just run with it adding characters left and right. The latest fresh face to join the Arrow universe is Vixen, a hero with a magical totem that allows her to take on the aspects of different animals.

Vixen has been around the DC comics universe since 1981, but has almost always just been a member of various team rosters, most notably the Justice League and Suicide Squad. She also played a fairly large role in the Justice League Unlimited animated series on Cartoon Network. Last year she debuted on the CW Seed site as a solo animated series with the character being voiced by Megalyn E.K. It was believed at that time it was a test run to see about adding her to the live action shows, and that now appears to have been the case.

Vixen will debut in this season’s 15th episode of Arrow. Where she will go from there is anyone’s guess, but with three DC shows on The CW now, there are plenty of locations for her to make an appearance.

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