January 31 2016

Riverdale ordered to pilot by The CW

Riverdale, the series to be based on Archie comics, has been ordered to pilot by The CW.

A live action revival of Archie has been kicking around for some time now. A film was rumored in 2013, and Riverdale was at Fox back in 2014. Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow) has been with the series the entire time as the creator, and it makes sense with his success at The CW as of late that the series will end up there now.

As I always explain when something moves on to the pilot stage, this is not a guarantee that it will end up as a series. The test episode will be shot and then shown to the executives to see if they think it works. In some cases it will also be sent out to test audiences to see what they think of it. If the network brass like it it will be ordered to series, but even then it is a sure thing it will make it to air. Just look at NBC and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The peacock network allowed all 13 episodes of the first season to be filmed before pulling the plug and then it ended up over at Netflix.

My gut feeling is we will see Riverdale hit the airwaves. Berlanti is on fire right now with shows at both The CW and CBS. How this man and his company are able to handle four shows is a mystery to me, so why not go ahead and toss on a fifth! Then again, after the casting breakdowns came out late last year, and the odd directions they plan to take the characters, it could still crash and burn.

Pilot season is ramping up, and this should be an interesting one to watch what happens.

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