February 10 2016

Bryan Fuller signs on as showrunner for new Star Trek series

CBS has found a co-creator and showrunner for its new Star Trek series.

It was announced on Tuesday that Bryan Fuller would be stepping into the showrunner position on CBS’ upcoming new Star Trek series. Fuller has an interesting pedigree having worked on Deep Space Nine and Voyager, but also going on to create shows such as Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies and Hannibal. He’s an inventive writer and showrunner, and since he has a history with the Star Trek franchise, this holds a lot of promise.

And he seems to have some geek cred judging by his tweet.

CBS is still mum on when and where this new series will be set. With the continuity being reset with the new movies we have absolutely no clue where this series could land. Is it concurrent to the movies, so the early days of Starfleet? Could it jump ahead? Could it be set in the old continuity? We just don’t know.

What we do know is that only one episode will appear on traditional television. Subsequent episodes will be available exclusively on the CBS All Access service meaning you will have to pay a monthly fee to watch them.

The new series is set to debut in 2017, but no specific time frame has been given yet beyond that.

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