March 13 2016

The Brothers Grimsby opens to a resounding thud

There are times where you have to wonder if perhaps it would be better to take a total loss than face a heap of embarrassment.

The Brothers Grimsby has had a troubled path to the silver screen. Originally slated to be released by Paramount, but in 2014 Sony Pictures took over the distribution. Then the plan was for a July 2015 release, but due to issues with the film it kept getting pushed back until it released in the U.K. two weeks ago and in the U.S. on March 11. The film cost $60 million to make before various tax rebates, but no matter what it cost, it’s a wreck after marketing costs.

In two weeks of release in Sacha Baron Cohen’s home country of the Untied Kingdom it has taken in only $6.1M. Its foreign total stands at $11.2M, and it has now opened in eighth place in the U.S. with only $3.2M for a global total of $14.4M. In short, it’s a wreck with no hope of being anything but a loss. Home video will ease the pain a bit, but there are still going to be write downs on this one.

At least it’s not a Gods of Egypt sized disaster.

Cohen still lives off the good will of Borat, but that is several years and films ago now. His humor is very specific and it doesn’t always work, and this is clearly one of those times.

Sony can’t take many hits right now, and this is just the latest misstep by the studio. It really would have been better to leave this on the shelf.

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