March 23 2016

DC Cinematic Universe schedule kicks into high gear

The DC Cinematic Universe is about to kick into overdrive with a packed schedule.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters this coming weekend. This is the first film in an all-new DC Cinematic Universe that is in full swing production wise with a lot more coming at us. Speaking with Collider, Deborah Snyder – wife and producing partner of Zack Snyder – laid out just what is about to come at us.

So Suicide Squad is in post and that comes out later this summer, and Wonder Woman we just finished most of the bulk of principal photography in London. They’re taking a two-week hiatus so Gal [Gadot] can some and do press, and then we go back and shoot the Themiscyra sections in Italy, and then come back for some pickups in London, just some green screen and some tank work, and things like that. We start Justice League April 11th and that is at Leavesden, mostly on stage and some locations around there as well as Iceland and I think a beat in Scotland at the end of the schedule. And we are working with James Wan on the development of the Aquaman script right now, and I’m hoping that sometime first quarter of next year we’ll be in production on that movie as well as working on the script for Flash. So it’s a little busy.

Warner Brothers has been going full throttle at this launch plan for some time now, and this is one of the most ambitious schedules I think I’ve ever seen. With Star Wars coming at us once a year, you at least have a proven brand. With this new DC Cinermatic Universe it’s all building off of a film coming out in a few days, and its initial reviews are less than stellar to be kind. One film is in the can, another is close to being there and the biggest film of them all starts filming in a little over two weeks. Whomever sat around and thought, “This is a sound business plan!” needs to be double checked in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, Batman v Superman will indeed make money, but it isn’t going to be as much as people thought long ago. It’s also looking to be a very rickety foundation an entire universe is going to be built off of. Go back and watch Iron Man. That’s how you start a cinematic universe. This? This is an accident looking for a place to happen.

Source: Collider .

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