April 4 2016

Batman v Superman takes huge dive in second weekend

Apparently word of mouth is not doing the DC film any good.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice took the biggest nosedive of a major blockbuster in its second weekend. It slipped 68.4 percent to bring in $52.38M. No one cry too hard for them, however as it is now at $261.45M domestically and $421.4M foreign for a global total of $682.85M off of a $250M budget.

Zootopia is still going strong and held onto second place this week with $20M for a new domestic total of $275.93M and a global total of $787.63M.

Third place went to My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 with $11.13M for a new total of $36.49M.

God’s Not Dead 2 opened in fourth place to $8.1M, falling short of the original’s $9.2M.

Miracles From Heaven had a good third weekend with $7.55M for a new domestic total of $46.82M off of a $13M budget.

The biggest release next weekend is The Boss and Hardcore Henry.

Curious how I think these films will do? Check out my The Movies of 2016 – 1st Quarter report.

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