April 13 2016

Solo Batman film confirmed by Warner Brothers

To the surprise of absolutely no one, a standalone Batman film starring Ben Affleck is in the works at Warner Brothers.

While I hated Batman v Superman, I did find Ben Affleck’s turn as the caped crusader one of the few redeeming qualities. Talk has stretched back for some time now that he may get his own film, but nothing official has been said. During the Warner Brothers presentation at CinemaCon on Tuesday, however, that all changed.

Warner Brothers did indeed confirm that a solo Batman film is in the works, but it did not confirm if Affleck would direct as many have speculated for some time. Also not confirmed was a release date as the DC Cinematic Universe slate is already pretty full.

There are the two untitled movies in the schedule. If I was a betting man I would peg it for the Oct. 5, 2018 date. 2019 feels too late to me. Batman is on everyone’s minds right now, and with Justice League filming now he could move into production on Batman in fairly short order.

As to a possible plot… I’m hoping it involves him taking the Joker to a tattoo removal specialist.

Stay tuned as details are sure to hit in the near future.

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