April 27 2016

Captain America: Civil War looks set for massive opening weekend

Captain America: Civil War looks like it’s set to blow the doors off the box office all around the world.

The projections are rolling in for how the latest Marvel movie is set to perform in the coming days, and it’s looking good. The film is rolling out to 61 international territories this weekend and estimates are currently pegging it to bring in between $200 and $230M. Domestically when it rolls out on May 6 it is currently targeting a $190M opening weekend, but Marvel is well known to overperform its estimates.

Reviews have been pretty overwhelmingly positive on Captain America: Civil War and it currently holds a 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It has also been pegged as the most anticipated film of the summer so I’m thinking the $190M is actually conservative.

Why is all of this important? We’re all still trying to wash the taste of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice out of our mouths. Who doesn’t want to see a big film of super powered people pounding away on each other? Now we just want it to be, you know, actually worth watching.

… and hopefully no two characters have mothers that share a first name. (Yes… I’m still angry.)

Source: Deadline Deadline .

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