May 7 2016

Ben Affleck named as Executive Producer of Justice League

The rumors of turmoil behind the scenes of the Justice League movie just got a bit more real.

It seems that the DC Cinematic Universe is indeed going through a shakeup. On Friday it was announced that Ben Affleck has been appointed as an executive producer and he will work with Chris Terrio – whom he worked on with for Argo – to fine tune the script.

Rumors have been circulating that Zack Snyder is butting heads with Warner Brothers brass over Justice League following the box office run of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film ended up doing $864M off of a $250M budget, but with marketing costs calculated in, which were extremely high on this film, some pundits are speculating that still wasn’t enough to turn a profit. And even if it did hit profit, it missed even the low-end projections which had it breaking $1 billion at the box office at minimum.

With two other films in this series having already been completed, course correcting this endeavor is not going to be easy, but Affleck may be able to do it. He clearly has passion for it, but will that be enough? Time will tell.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter .

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