May 10 2016

Krypton received pilot order at Syfy

At long last Krypton has a pilot order at Syfy.

For nearly two years now the script for a Superman prequel series entitled Krypton has been kicking around over at Syfy. The story will be set two generations prior to Kal-El (Superman) departing the world as it explodes and will tell the story of his grandfather as he tried to restore honor to the House of El.

Bill McGoldrick, executive vice president, scripted content, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment said of the series:

Krypton is one of the most iconic stories in the comic book universe. In the talented hands of David S. Goyer and the DC Entertainment/Warner Horizon Television team, this exciting Syfy project will take viewers back to Superman’s home to show how the timeless legend began.

What’s interesting is as this is set up at Syfy will it have any connections to the other DC shows? Gotham is off in its own little universe, and I have a feeling the same will go for Krypton as its a prequel. Sure it would fun to see some crossover, but it just isn’t going to be practical from a timeline perspective let alone it being another planet.

The big question I have is how this show will look. While I was not a fan of Man of Steel, the opening on Krypton did look great. Even if you go back to the Christopher Reeve movies of the 1970s the planet had a very distinct look. How in the world will they pull this off on a weekly basis on a basic cable channel? It should be interesting to see.

As with all pilots, this is by no means a guarantee we will ever see this actually hit our television screens, so stay tuned for more info.

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