May 13 2016

Supergirl renewed for season 2, but on a new network

Supergirl is coming back for season 2, but she will be calling a new network home.

Debuting this season on CBS, Supergirl has pulled in okay numbers, but not great ones. As renewal season approached there started to be some chatter that the show wouldn’t be renewed, or it could pull an unusual move on change networks.

This isn’t unheard of, but it is unusual. Supergirl had a leg up, however in that CBS is part owner of another network, one where superhero shows have come to rule: The CW.

While it’s great news there will be a second season, there will probably also be some changes. The $3 million per episode budget is more than likely going to be cut. The show will also probably move production to Vancouver where Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow film. At least this should make crossover episodes easier.

I enjoyed the first season of Supergirl, so I really don’t care where it airs so long as it sticks around.

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