May 28 2016

Rosa Salazar cast in Alita: Battle Angel

After years of false starts, it appears that Alita: Battle Angel finally has a star.

James Cameron has been talking about adapting the Japanese manga series Battle Angel Alita for far longer than I can remember. Sometime ago Cameron finally realized he didn’t have the time to direct it due to the numerous Avatar sequels he has planned, so he teamed up with Robert Rodriguez to take over as director. Somewhere along the line the title was changed to Alita: Battle Angel (because… why not?), and then things went fairly quiet again.

It seems that things have been moving in the background and now we some major movement in that reports have surfaced that Rosa Salazar (Maze Runner and Divergent series) has been cast as Alita. Nothing official has been said as of yet, but it’s looking like it’s a done deal.

Currently Alita has no start date to production, nor a release date, but rumors are circulating that the film will be budgeted around $175M to $200M.

Fir those unfamiliar with the story, the original manga tells the tale of a female being found in a junkyard in the 26th century of no memory of who she is, but she has advanced martial arts skills. She becomes a bounty hunter as she tried to figure out who she is and where she comes from.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the series, but it looks like the movie is (finally) going to happen.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter .

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