June 15 2016

Nicholas Sparks Productions shutting down

Nicholas Sparks is going back to just focusing on his books and getting out of the movie business.

Sources speaking with The Hollywood Reporter have revealed that Nicholas Sparks Productions is shutting down its offices on the Warner Brothers lot. 11 of the author’s 18 books have been turned into movies or TV productions, but the results have been diminishing as of late.

The company launched in 2012 and saw production of Safe Haven in 2013 and The Choice for Lionsgate in 2016.

Sparks’ films kicked off in 1999 with Message in a Bottle which took in $118.9M, but he’s probably best remembered for The Notebook which brought in $115.6M in its theatrical run. Things have shifted in the past few years, however, with The Longest Ride earning $62.9M and The Choice bringing in only $18.7M.

Work will still move forward on a TV adaptation for The Notebook over at The CW, and Sparks has a new novel entitled Two by Two due out in October.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter .

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