June 22 2016

Justice League details revealed from set visits

Warner Brothers has invited members of the press to the set of Justice League, and now we’re getting details.

Lets be upfront here… Warner Brothers is scared. Yes, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made a profit, but it was blasted from every direction for not being a very good movie. The studio needs to cut this off at the pass, so it has had press visit the set of Justice League to get us ready for it supposedly correcting the issues we all had with the last film.

Zack Snyder is still directing. You haven’t corrected anything, Warner Brothers.

All that aside, what did we learn? Steppenwolf – who appeared in a deleted scene from the last film – is the big bad of the movie, and he will have the Parademons with him. In other words, yes, we are speeding towards Darkseid as a villain. No one is surprised by this.

The film will focus on finding three Mother Boxes (seriously, Google it… it’ll be faster than me explaining) that have been left on Earth: One with the Amazonians, another with the Atlanteans and the last with Mankind.

Apparently Superman won’t show up until at least halfway through the film… which should surprise no one. The Batmobile swaps out its guns for missile launchers, meaning Batman will apparently still kill with abandon.

… I hate Snyder. He had so much promise early on, and now I think I actually dislike him more than Michael Bay, and that’s saying something.

Justice League will hit theaters on Nov. 17, 2017.

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