July 30 2016

Supergirl’s Superman makes his debut

Supergirl finally has the family together as her cousin Superman is set to make his debut in season two of the series.

As Supergirl moves to The CW this fall, along with it will finally come the debut of Kal El, better known as Clark Kent and Superman. Tyler Hoechlin was chosen to play the key role which was only seen in shadow or at a distance in season one of the series.

Supergirl and Superman

On the one hand I’m glad to see them taking him out of the shadows. The ways they hid him last season became a bit silly. If he exists in this show, you can’t just hide him forever.

On the other, I don’t want to see them abuse this or have it come to diminish Supergirl’s (Melissa Benoist) role in any way. The show is named for her, and it needs to remain focused on her. Let him show up here or there, but definitely don’t make it an overshadowing use.

Supergirl season two will debut Oct. 10, and Superman is scheduled to feature in the first two episodes.

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