September 4 2016

Tom Hanks interrupts his own press conference to praise someone else’s film

Something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before: An actor promoting his own film interrupted his press conference to heap praise on someone else’s project.

Tom Hanks is at the Telluride Film Festival to promote the Clint Eastwood directed Sully. During their press conference Hanks went off book and spoke about his love of the new indy film La La Land. “I like to think we approach movies the same way we approach being members of the audience in that you just want to see something you have never seen before. It’s funny. Who saw La La Land yesterday,” Hanks asked the assembled press with several clapping in the affirmative. “When you see something that is brand new, that you can’t imagine, and you think ‘well thank God this landed’, because I think a movie like La La Land would be anethema to studios. Number one, it is a musical and no one knows the songs.”

Hanks joked that Warner Bros. brass wouldn’t be thrilled with his plugging another movie, he continued: “This is not a movie that falls into some sort of trend. I think it is going to be a test of the broader national audience, because it has none of the things that major studios want. Pre-Awareness is a big thing they want, which is why a lot of remakes are going on. (La La) is not a sequel, nobody knows who the characters are…But if the audience doesn’t go and embrace something as wonderful as this then we are all doomed.”

And with that, I now know Hanks and I should be instant best friends forever. He is completely correct that if we don’t support these lesser-known films we are doomed to even more sequels and reboots. We need films like La La Land. None of these films ever come to my town, but I try to watch as many of them as I can from buying them on iTunes or catching them when they come to streaming. You have to do more than just talk a good game, you must support these films. You must move out of your comfort zone and watch something you normally wouldn’t or you can’t sit around and complain when the seventh film in a series comes out. Go out there and try something original, or even just smaller. Find a Brooklyn or a Sing Street if you don’t feel up to a musical like La La Land, but try to watch something unexpected.

Via: Deadline .

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