September 10 2016

Ben-Hur leads the race of the summer box office flops

The chariot race to the bottom of the box office heap seems to have been run by the remake of Ben-Hur this year.

The 2016 remake of Ben-Hur had reported budget of $100M, but as summer drew to a close it had only taken in around $54.1M globally and is projected to end its run around $70 to $75M. Add in the marketing spend and analysts such as The Hollywood Reporter are estimating that the film will be a $120M loss with MGM taking the lion’s share of the loss.

There were other big loses however. While Disney was the big winner this summer season with the likes of Finding Dory and Captain America: Civil War, it also was home to some fairly big loses. Alice Through the Looking Glass grossed  $295.4M off of a $170M budget meaning it will come in with a loss of at $65M. Pete’s Dragon has taken in only $78.3M so far off of a $65M budget. And The BFG has grossed $160.8M off of a $140M budget.

Also in the loss column will be Sony’s Ghostbusters remake which has taken in $225M globally off of a $144M budget meaning somewhere around a $70M loss.

Overall it was a quiet summer, but I highly doubt that any of the studios will walk away with any big lessons from it.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter .

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