September 20 2016

The case against Rey being a Skywalker

Star Wars Episode VIII is still over a year away, but it may finally be time to put to rest the idea that Rey is a Skywalker.

My thoughts on whether or not Rey is Luke’s daughter has gone back and forth since The Force Awakens. As of late I’m landing on the side that she is not. To me the timeline of when she was left on Jakku just doesn’t work out with when we think the Jedi Academy was destroyed by Kylo Ren. Additionally, even if Luke wanted to hide his daughter he would leave her to be a scavenger on some backwater planet? Seems like an odd set up to me to protect your daughter.

Enter YouTuber Jenny Nicholson. She released a video a few weeks back that is picking up some speed that really lays out why the argument Rey is Luke’s daughter makes little to sense.

I really want to see a flashback of Rey killing a Jawa and eating it.

Hats off to Nicholson, she really hits all the points of why Rey being a Skywalker makes little to no sense.

A lot of this comes from Lucasfilm stating the Saga movies are the stories of the Skywalker family, but did everyone forget that Kylo Ren, AKA Ben Solo, is a Skywalker as his mother is Leia?

Yeah… the box is checked folks. Lets stop saying Rey is Luke’s daughter just see where this goes. But if it has to be an established character, I’m pushing for Max Rebo. Hey, he’s a musician…

Max Rebo

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