September 28 2016

CW gears up for a big season

The CW is gearing up for a big season it seems and is making several moves to make sure you don’t forget it.

Despite most networks already being a couple weeks into their fall seasons, The CW kicks off its new episodes next week, and to that end it has launched a new sizzle reel to get you ready.

It seems to me the network is awfully happy to have added Supergirl this season.

Additionally, for those of you who have cut the cord as I have, on Tuesday The CW launched its all new Roku app as the network’s shows have left Hulu. Apple TV and Fire TV versions will follow soon, but for now those of you on Roku can enjoy the five latest episodes of the various series with commercials. No word as of yet on an ad-free version.

It seems things are looking up for The CW this year, and it’s planning to go big.

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