October 9 2016

Suicide Squad releasing an extended cut

Apparently the DC Extended Universe films are just going to keep releasing extended cuts on home video.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice released an extended cut on home video that increased the length of the film by around 30 minutes. Now Suicide Squad is following suit with a rumored 13 extra minutes.

This is officially becoming irritating.

The first two films in this new universe – yes, Man of Steel is part of it, but it almost feels like its own thing – have both come to home video with significantly added footage. It makes you wonder why you should go see the theatrical release when an extended version seems inevitable at this point.

What is particularly annoying in this instance is that director David Ayer said repeatedly this wouldn’t happen this time, but yet here we are.

At this point I really question seeing Wonder Woman in the theater. I’m not going to support double dipping, and I really feel as though I can’t trust Warner Brothers at this point. I know there is a contingent of folks who will never care about this, but as a completist, I want to see the most complete cut of a film possible. For me, it’s always going to come down to seeing an extended home video release. I’m not a huge fan of going to theaters anymore as it is, so I think when it comes to the DC films I’m just simply going to wait for them to download to my computer.

Somehow I don’t think I’m alone in this, and at some point Warner Brothers is going to have to wonder why they’re seeing a drop off in box office receipts.

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