November 18 2016

Kong: Skull Island trailer – Why does this exist?

King Kong is back… and I’m not entirely sure why.

Kong: Skull Island is an attempt to resurrect the king of the apes. Not only is Legendary trying to bring him back, they are going to eventually have him in a film with Godzilla.

Because why not?

Of all the giant monsters, King Kong is my least favorite. That isn’t to say I dislike him, I just think he was a ‘one and done’ monster. There is no reason for him to go on, the original film had a gorgeous ending, and every attempt to bring him back has just felt silly.

And this attempt? The silliest yet. This feels more like an attempt at a Monster Island reboot than a King Kong film to me.

Check out the latest trailer.

Yeah, I’m just not feeling this.

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters on March 10, 2017.

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