December 17 2016

Single White Female reboot in the works at NBC

NBC is going for yet another film reboot with its targets this time set on 1992’s Single White Female.

According to an exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has done a script commitment for a modern-day reboot for Single White Female that will see the locale change from New York City to San Fransisco. That isn’t the only change, however, as the series description lets us know.

When erstwhile con-artist Hedra (played in the movie by Leigh) uses her professional connections to target Allie (portrayed by Fonda), a seemingly moneyed colleague in search of a roommate, Hedra slowly begins to realize that her mark may not be quite as innocuous as she first seems. Soon, viewers will come to understand that Hedra may have met her match in Allie, making viewers question who is really being “single white female’d.

As I mentioned recently, CBS is looking to reboot The Honeymooners, and that was just the latest in a very long line of reboots. While I understand that networks think working with a known property will help them garner attention, it is simply reaching annoying proportions. And, lets face it, SWF works as a contained story. Doing it in an episodic manner over potentially multiple seasons is going to have it morph into something very different as time goes on. How can you possibly keep the tension up in something like this over 22 episodes or more?

Networks, get over it. There are tons of undeveloped ideas out there. Start developing some of those instead of giving us yet another rehash.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter .

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