January 6 2017

Charmed prequel series ordered to pilot at The CW

The CW has ordered a new Charmed pilot, but it wasn’t quite what we were expecting.

Word started to circulate that Charmed was going to be rebooted all the way back in 2013. Originally it was going to be over at CBS, but then The CW came into play. Now word has come down that it is indeed the smaller network and it is finally moving forward with a pilot, but it isn’t a reboot, it’s a prequel.

The new series will apparently be set in the 1976 which means we would probably see at least Prue – the eldest of the Halliwell sisters – as a child.

I floated in and out of the original series, but I was never passionate about it. A reboot made no sense to me, but a prequel I’d be intrigued by.

As with all pilots this doesn’t mean it will ever make it to air, but it will at least be casted and filmed.

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