January 7 2017

Lucasfilm meeting next week to discuss the future of Leia

Following the death of Carrie Fisher, the people behind the Star Wars franchise have some details to work out.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the directors of Star Wars Episode VIII and Star Wars Episode IX – Rian Johnson and Colin Trevorrow respectively – will be in Los Angeles next week to speak with Disney and Lucasfilm about how to handle the passing of Carrie Fisher, specifically how it relates to the ninth film. The untitled eighth film, due for release Dec. 15, had already wrapped filming, but Fisher still apparently had a large part to play in the final film.

Sources indicate that Leia had two big scenes in the next two films where she was reunited with Luke (Mark Hamill) and a confrontation with her son, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). What isn’t known is which film each scene would be in, or if they are both in Episode VIII.

There are several ways this could be handled. Some of Fisher’s Episode VIII scenes could be repurposed for Episode IX in theory to extend her time in the series. As Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has shown us, they could digitally recreate her for some scenes, but that is already a touchy subject. Less likely, in my opinion, is an off-screen death for such an iconic character or a recasting of Leia.

While it may seem a bit cold to already be holding this meeting, it is the unfortunate nature of the beast. Star Wars is a multi-billon dollar franchise, and this situation must be addressed. I trust Lucasfilm to handle this as tastefully as it can as it is well aware of what Carrie Fisher meant to so many people.

Whatever solution they come up with, I am prepared to accept it. If they kill Leia off or send some distant world not to be seen in the final film of this trilogy, I will simply nod and say, “They did what they had to do.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter .

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