January 11 2017

Ben Affleck confirms he will direct The Batman

Everyone calm down, yes, Ben Affleck is direction The Batman.

After numerous rumors that Affleck was waffling on directing the upcoming solo Batman film The Batman, he has confirmed on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he is indeed still on board. He also colorfully added that everyone should calm down.

I’m gonna direct the next Batman, we’re workin’ on it. It’s one of those things that’s really frustrating because like with Live by Night, it took me a year and a half to write it and get it ready and I worked really hard, it’s just nobody gave a s***. No one was like ‘Where’s Live by Night?!’ But with Batman I keep getting the like, ‘Where’s the f****** Batman?!’ and I’m like ‘Bro I’m workin’, give me a second!

Well… he has strong feelings on it.

Considering the train wreck that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was, I’m fine with him taking all the time he wants. And there is no doubt he is a talented director, so I look forward to seeing where he takes this.

Take all the time you want, Ben. We’ll wait.

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