January 20 2017

Logan trailer confirms a rumor

The second trailer for Logan confirms what we all suspected, but that’s fine with everyone.

The latest – and last – trailer for Logan isn’t the gut punch the first one was, but it’s still darn good. It also confirms, as anyone with even a passing knowledge of X-Men history suspected: The little girl is X-23.

X-23 was introduced in the comics in a much older form and was a clone from a damaged Wolverine genome. She had been trained up to be the perfect killing machine and was an assassin. The version in the film is clearly taking a different tact with her being more feral and out of control, but I suspect she is still a clone.

The X-Men films have definitely had varying degrees of quality, but it sure looks as though Hugh Jackman is ending his career as Wolverine on a high note… and X-23 will be ready to take up the mantle of the clawed mutant.

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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