January 23 2017

Star Wars The Last Jedi – The title could mean so much

Let the speculation commence!

On Monday Lucasfilm announced that Star Wars Episode VIII will officially be titled Star Wars The Last Jedi. Speculation fired up within seconds, and there is good reason why.

The subtitles of the Star Wars films have been known to be a bit obtuse at times, and this one could have several meanings. In Star Wars The Force Awakens it was made fairly clear that Luke was the last Jedi in the galaxy, but we can’t assume the title immediately implies Luke.

Speculation will run rampant for the next 11 months and some odd days. The trailers won’t give it away. Publicity photos won’t tell us. And no one associated with the film will say a thing unless they like the idea of being sued. For now, it will be speculation and nothing else.

Buckle up, kids.

Also enjoy a video of a podcast I did on Monday really digging into the title.

Star Wars The Last Jedi hits theaters on Dec. 15.

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