January 24 2017

Oscar Nominations 2017 – An analysis

The Oscar nominations are upon us. Did they get it right? Did they get it wrong? Lets find out.

It is all La La Land. The critical hit tied the record for the most nominations with 14 – the other films being All About Eve (1950) and Titanic (1997).

As much as I would like to fully analyze these nominations – and despite having seen a lot of films this year – as per usual the nominations went heavy into films that didn’t always play to the widest audiences (i.e. in my town).

On a note as to a film that didn’t get nominated… look, I enjoyed Deadpool. It was a fun film… it was NEVER going to get a best picture nomination. It was insane to even think that could happen. Yep, good film… not a best picture contender.

In other words… take this for what it’s worth.

Best Picture

My guess is La La Land is essentially going to sweep. Despite some mild controversy that popped up late in its run, the amount of love heaped on this film is just not going to stop any time soon.

Best Actor

Ryan Gosling is a lock, but Affleck may give him a run.

Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor

My guess is Mahershala Ali.

Best Supporting Actress

Viola Davis seems the lock here.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Going to be tight between Moonlight and Hidden Figures I think.

Best Original Screenplay

Do I even need to say it? Fine. La La Land.

Best Directing

And, again… Damien Chazelle.

The Academy Awards will be held on Feb. 26.

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