January 26 2017

Bryan Singer to direct X-Men television pilot

Bryan Singer is going to help Fox launch an all new television series set in the X-Men film universe.

It was revealed this week that Fox is looking to fire up its own X-Men related drama series for the fall season. Bryan Singer – the director of the majority of the X-Men films – had already signed on as an executive producer, but according to TV Line he will now also serve as the director of the pilot episode of the untitled series.

Matt Nix – the creator of Burn Notice – will also be serving as executive producer and will pen the script for the pilot episode.

The series is set to deal with parents that discover their children are mutants and take them on the run from a government that hates them. They will team up with a band of mutants that are in hiding and will then try to make their way in the world.

No word as of yet as to who will star in the series or which mutants from the roster of the X-Men books that will make their way to the small screen. Despite numerous movies there are still many to never be realized in live action. In other words, don’t expect them to burn off A-List X-Men in this series.

Source: TV Line .

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