January 29 2017

Ben Affleck’s Live By Night to cost Warner Brothers a ton

Warner Brothers has moved heavily into the Ben Affleck business, and judging by his latest film that may not be the best move for the studio.

Ben Affleck has been working on getting Live by Night made for some time. In the end he ended up directing, writing, producing and starring in the film. Some rumors have indicated that Affleck taking on the solo Batman film was contingent on Warner Brothers giving the greenlight to his passion project about a Florida rum runner.

The problem is that Live by Night debuted on Christmas Day and has gone on to gross $16.5M globally off of a $65M budget. Add in marketing and distribution costs and The Hollywood Reporter is estimating that this little project is going to set the studio back around $75M.

Of course some of this loss will be off set by home video sales and rentals, as well as the sale of television rights, but this is definitely going throw a cloud over any future Affleck products. Of course, in his defense, he also has Argo on his resume.

When are stars going to realize talkative period pieces are not huge money generators. Do them, but man you need to keep that budget low.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter .

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