February 4 2017

CW orders up one pilot while delaying two others

Pilot season is upon us, and The CW is getting all of its ducks in a row.

The CW has already renewed the majority of its shows for next season, so that is leaving very room for new shows to even get a shot. With that in mind the fifth place network is only moving forward with six pilots, and two that were being teed up for this year have now been moved back.

First off, Fox has passed on ordering a pilot for Black Lightning from Greg Berlanti, so, naturally, The CW snapped it up on Friday. Should this pilot be ordered to series this will mean that Berlanti and his team would have five shows based on DC properties on one network. Perhaps a network name change is in order at that point.

Picking up Black Lightning, however, means that the reboots of Charmed and The Lost Boys have been pushed back to the 2018/2019 season pilot cycle. Both shows are still considered to be in play, but it will be a year before anything serious happens with them.

The CW has seen considerable success with its DC shows, but isn’t this getting a little silly now? When the public’s tastes change – which it always does – it is going to be left scrambling to fill a lot of air time. The network may want to think about diversifying its content pool a bit.

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