February 8 2017

Iron Fist trailer finally reveals the true power of Danny Rand

Netflix has released the full trailer for the last of its first four planned MCU series, Iron Fist.

When Netflix first announced it was working with Marvel it announced four series and a cross-over event that would bring them together, The Defenders. Due to the success of Daredevil, things got thrown around a bit, and then The Punisher got his own series as well, but things are now firming up.

On March 17 we’ll finally Iron Fist, and with The Defenders currently filming, we’ll probably see it in the fall.

The trailer really tells you everything you need to know, and I have to admit that Iron Fist is definitely a weak spot in my comic knowledge. The character never appealed to me that much in the 1970s when he was at the height of his popularity, and since then he has just somewhat floated in and out of titles.

Just suffice it to say, yeah, he’s not your average martial artist.

Despite me not being a huge fan, Netflix has won me over with its Marvel series and I know what I’ll be doing on March 17.

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