February 9 2017

Heading back to Toy Fair

It’s amazing how life can be circular sometimes.

Long before I had this site I had a five year run of writing for print magazines (remember those?) as one of the leading experts on action figures. I worked for a couple different magazines, and there was a short period where every toy price guide in the market had been edited by me. There was even one fun time where I was asked to write a price guide from scratch… in six days.

My family would walk by the office and throw food in at me as I barely left the room until that was done.

In short, I lived, eat and breathed toys.

From 1992 to 1996 I attended the annual Toy Fair in New York City. In the toy industry this is the Super Bowl, the World Series and every other major sporting event you can think of. The entire industry revolves around this trade show.

Things changed in the print industry and I went back to my day-to-day job, but man have I missed Toy Fair. As someone who looks at toys as a form of art, this was my favorite week of the year.

As luck would have it… I’m going back. For the first time in 21 years I will be at Toy Fair this year. It’s still in New York, but it has moved to another part of the city. I’m going for work, and you will be able to follow all of my coverage on TechnoBuffalo starting on Feb. 18. I’m also sure some stuff will find its way on this site, and for sure you will see some items appear on my Twitter account.

Beyond returning to Toy Fair, this will be my first time in NYC since 1996… that should be interesting.

I love the smell of molded plastic in the morning… it smells like toys.

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