February 11 2017

New Halloween film will pickup from the first two films

Prepare for yet more confusion in the Halloween franchise as the latest entry will ignore even more films.

I love the first two Halloween films. John Carpenter crafted two of the most iconic horror films of all time, and since then poor Michael Myers has, well, had a rough time of it. The original series went way off the rails, and then a direct sequel called H20 came along that wasn’t what we all hoped for, and then Rob Zombie got a hold of it and went very much in his own direction. Those weren’t horrible, but they were definitely re-imaginings of the franchise.

Now Danny McBride – yes, the comedian – and David Gordon Green are working on a new film with John Carpenter signed on as executive producer. As to what they have in mind, McBride told CinemaBlend the following:

You know, it’s not a remake. It’s actually, it’s gonna continue the story of Michael Myers in a really grounded way. And for our mythology, we’re focusing mainly in the first two movies and what that sets up and then where the story can go from there.

Okay, “focusing mainly” has me curious. Could some elements from all of those blasted sequels find their way in? Who knows. He went on to add that comedy will not play a part in this.

Green and I are definitely going to [do] a straight-up horror. Halloween has always been one of my favorite movies of all time. There’s a simplicity and an efficiency to that first one that I think allows the movies just to be scary as hell. And so Green and I, our approach is to get back to that.

Lets hope he holds to that. While Michael had a name all along, a lot of horror fans simply refer to him as “the shape.” Michael wasn’t so much a person in the original two films as he was a force of chaos and evil. Keep to that, don’t give us any additional back story except for what we know about him killing his sister and her boyfriend as a child, and leave it at that.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who wants a true sequel to the original two Halloween films than myself, but I’m going to go into this very, very cautiously as I have been burned many times before.

The new Halloween is due to hit theaters on Oct. 18, 2018.

Source: CinemaBlend .

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