February 18 2017

The Last Jedi title confirmed to be plural

We can all sleep better tonight as the greatest mystery of our time has been solved.

As soon as The Last Jedi was announced as the title of Episode VIII, speculation began if it was a singular or plural tense. As Jedi is a made up word, the films established that the word was both tenses, so we had no clue if this meant one Jedi or multiple users of the Force.

Thanks to the title being translated into other languages that have different tense rules, we now know it is plural. The German title was translated to “Die Letzten Jedi,” which is the plural version. If it was singular – according to IGN Germany – it would have been “Der Letzte Jedi”. People checking the Spanish and French translations also confirm that is being written as a plural instead of a singular.

The implication here is that Luke and Rey are the last Jedi, but for all we know there could be a few more hidden out there.

I guess we’ll all find out when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on Dec. 15.

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