February 21 2017

Toy Fair 2017 – The photos never stop

Toy Fair 2017 officially ends today, but I visited my last booth yesterday. Today I’m in my hotel room writing up more posts for TechnoBuffalo, getting ready to go to some business meetings here in New York City and editing what feels like an endless stream of pictures. (And bemoaning how much my legs hurt from all the walking)

All told I shot 1,093 images in and around Toy Fair this year. That may not seem insane, but remember this is my first time at the show since 1996.

Why is that important? The first couple years I attended I shot my pictures on traditional film, so I was always careful with how much I shot. Then, after a lab destroyed two rolls of film, I bought my first digital camera. It could hold 32 images at a time, so while I was at the show each day that was the extent of how much I could shoot.

At one booth on Monday I shot 140 pictures.

It’s amazing how technology has changed over the years, and while I’m thrilled I was able to shoot that much, with each click of the shutter I thought, “Well there’s another image to rename and watermark.”

I love technology and hate it at the same time. It’s a whole thing.

You can check out all of my Toy Fair coverage on TechnoBuffalo. It was an amazing show and I’m thrilled I got a chance to check it out… despite how much my legs hurt right now.

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