February 26 2017

Patrick Stewart says he’s done with Professor Xavier

It seems that Logan may be the final time Patrick Stewart rides around an X-Men set in a wheelchair.

Hugh Jackman announced some time back that Logan would be his last time playing Wolverine. Having spent 17 years in the role, and considering the strain it puts on his body to get in shape to play him, it makes sense.

With Logan in the can – and receiving amazing reviews – the cast is doing the promotional circuit, and Patrick Stewart spoke with SiriusXFM Town Hall about his role in the film. He dropped a bit of a bombshell in regards to his future with the X-Men franchise.

A week ago, Friday night in Berlin, the three of us sat, watching the movie … And I was so moved by it, much more moved than I had been the first time of seeing it. Maybe it was the company of these two guys, but the movie ended and — this is an admission — but at one point [Hugh] reached out, and he took my hand in those last few minutes, and I saw him go [mimes wiping a tear from his eye] like this, and then I realized I had just done the same thing … I realized there will never be a better, a more perfect, a more sensitive, emotional, and beautiful way of saying au revoir to Charles Xavier than this movie. So, I told [Hugh] that same evening, ‘I’m done too. It’s all over.’

This could be a heat of the moment situation, or it could be the end. Only time will tell that.

Patrick Stewart was the perfect choice to play Xavier, and if he leaves it will be sad to see him go. That being said, it’s also understandable. Stewart is now 76, and while his role is not physically demanding, even actors must retire at some point.

I hope he hangs around as I would love to see him launch The New Mutants – the upcoming X-Men project I am most excited for – it will also be totally fine if he wants to go out on a high note.

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