February 28 2017

Kong: Skull Island trailer – We gotta get out of this place

Kong: Skull Island is out in just under two weeks, and Warner Brothers has one final trailer to try to get folks into the theaters.

Yeah… I’m still not interested.

There is no doubt in my mind I will see Kong: Skull Island some day, but it is definitely not high on my list. Yes, this is all part of the new Godzilla universe Legendary Pictures is trying to set up, but Kong is one of those stories where you just go, “Why?” Yes, it looks as though this film skips the part where they capture him and take up to New York City, but otherwise, yep, big ape, attractive woman he seems to be protecting and people shoot at him.

Yes, there are some new monsters in the mix, but that’s just to build into the Godzilla fight coming in a few years.

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters on March 10. I’m still not sold on this film being a big hit.

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