March 10 2017

Fate of the Furious trailer – This is absurd and I love it

A new Fate of the Furious trailer is upon us. Is it absurd? YEP!

I know there are times where I can get all precious about films and how they need to make sense and so on, but for some reason I have thrown in the towel on the Fast & the Furious season and just decided to embrace it instead.

Let us gaze upon the new trailer!

Mention of family (multiple times)? Check!

Bizarre use of cars? YEP!

Progressively larger vehicle there is no way the team can overcome? … it’s a submarine. I worry for what comes in the next film.

I have thrown logic out the window with this series at this point. Embrace the insanity and just let it wash over you.

Fate of the Furious hits theaters on April 14.

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