April 23 2017

Release dates announced for four Avatar sequels

Concurrent production has begun on all four Avatar sequels, and official release dates have been announced for each.

Beginning Dec. 18, 2020 Avatar and the world of Pandora will return to theaters. We will get another one in 2021, then we’ll take a three year break and resume with annual releases.

Here is the full breakdown.

All of this is built off the original Avatar from 2009 that earned $2.8 billion globally. Clearly there are people who think these four sequels will bring in billions more.


There are several factors working against these films. First off, go out today, find a random person and ask them, “How excited are you for an Avatar sequel?” and the reply you will get will probably be along the lines of, “I mean… maybe?” I haven’t talked with anyone that is counting down the days to this film. The first one was… fine?… story wise. The vast majority of the ticket purchases were based around the visuals because they were, for the most part, unlike anything we had seen before. I’ll give Cameron credit for that, he did invent some new technologies for that film.

The problem Cameron faces with these films is two-fold. First off, the story of the first film was a retread of so many other films that it made it completely forgettable from that aspect. Secondly, yes, he created new technologies to make that one come about, but unless he has come up with something mind blowing, those same tricks are now used by an endless stream of films. Additionally on that note, he created a completely CGI world, now we’re seeing those tricks integrated into ‘real world’ films every day.

Cameron is super excited for these four sequels, but I also feel like he may be alone in that excitement.

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