April 28 2017

Masters of the Universe loses another director

The reboot of the Masters of the Universe can’t hold on to a director it seems.

Sony Pictures has announced a release date of Dec. 18, 2018 for Masters of the Universe! WOO!

Oh… and yet another director has departed the project.

First it was Jon M. Chu back in 2012. After he left, John Wadlow was in the mix. McG came on board finally, and now he’s gone.

Then there is the whole script situation. Christopher Yost came on board in 2015, but now it appears he’s out and David S. Goyer has moved into that seat.

That fact that Sony has now set a date on this without a finished script or a director is just a bit mind blowing. No one has been cast, no work is being done, that date is right now just a complete stab in the dark. You have to wonder when Sony is going to realize this project is never going to come together.

We’ll see what happens, but I would write that date in on your film calendar in pencil for sure.

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