May 5 2017

Runaways picked up at Hulu

Hulu announced this week that it’s full-speed ahead with its first Marvel series, Runaways.

After announcing the casting earlier this year, apparently, the pilot for Runaways worked as Hulu announced on Wednesday that it had ordered a full season. Footage from the pilot was shown at the presentation but has not been released publicly. Copies that have found their way online have been pulled, but I did get a glimpse at it, and it looks spot on to the comic.

As for how the cast looks, take a look below and then at the picture at the top of the post… I’d say they nailed it.

No word yet on a solid launch date, but the series will premiere some time in 2018. Here’s hoping Hulu gets over its “one episode a week” model and realize all anyone wants to do these days is binge watch. (I’m looking at you Handmaid’s Tale!)

With New Warriors and Cloak & Dagger coming to Freeform next year, Marvel appears to be hitting TV hard in the near future. Lets just hope it all works out.

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