May 12 2017

New Mutants film finds its Magik and Wolfsbane

Two major members of the New Mutants have been cast and it appears the film is off to a good start.

Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) has been cast as Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane and Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch) will be taking up the role of Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina/Magik, the younger sister of Peter Rasputina/Colossus.

New Mutants is the latest film in the X-Men film franchise and is headed towards filming beginning in July with Josh Boone serving as a writer and director on the film. Knate Gwaltney is also assisting on the script while Simon Kinberg and Karen Rosenfelt are producing.

Characters without actors attached so far include Danielle Moonstar, Sunspot, Cannonball, and Warlock.

New Mutants is scheduled to hit theaters on April 13, 2018.

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