May 13 2017

The upfronts are upon us

It’s that time of year where the broadcast networks begin their cancellations and renewals to decide which shows we’ll see on our screens come next fall… and it looks as though it will be a very different landscape.

It’s been a busy final week before the upfront presentations, and all of the major networks have been swinging the cancellation axe pretty hard. In particular, as always seems to be the case, ABC went a bit nuts and canceled new shows, old shows and everything in-between.

I’ve been updating my Which TV Shows are Canceled and Renewed for 2017/2018 post every day, so you should easily find your show to see if it has survived the culling. Keep in mind that more cuts can come through out the upfronts week, it isn’t necessarily over. Shows we thought were locks for renewal met the cancellation axe while ones we thought for sure were doomed were renewed. You never know what is going to happen.

Keep it locked for the next week as we work our way through this madness together.

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