May 14 2017

Timeless canceled and then renewed at NBC

NBC made head spins on Saturday as it renewed a series it had canceled only four days before.

On May 10 NBC canceled Timeless after its first season. The basic premise of the series was, in case you missed it:

When an experimental time machine is stolen, a history professor, a soldier and an engineer are tasked with capturing the culprit only to learn that he plans to rewrite American history and that each of them has a connection to his plan as well as the mysterious organization that funded the machine’s development.

Fans were disappointed, but life goes on.

… unless you’re a time travel show and four days later NBC reverses its decision and renews you.

On Saturday NBC reversed its decision and has now renewed Timeless for a second season. Matt Latner published a video on Facebook in character announcing the news. When you’re a time travel show, there is some fun to be had here.

Why the change here? Networks have reversed course before, but nowhere close to this fast. Apparently more ownership of the series was offered to NBC which is becoming a big part of deals because the networks want syndication deals, streaming revenues, home video sales and so on.

If I was a betting man, I would also say NBC saw the fan reaction and worried about someone like Netflix swooping in and picking it up. That’s becoming a bigger deal and one the networks are watching out for.

I haven’t watched the show before, but oddly this has caused my interest to attracted. I may check it out now.

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