May 22 2017

Manchester needs us

As you walk around Manchester, United Kingdom you will see iconography of a bee everywhere you go. There’s a reason for that.

From Wikipedia:

The worker bee was adopted as a motif for Manchester during the Industrial Revolution, at a time when Manchester was taking a leading role in new forms of mass production. Seven bees are included in the crest of the city’s arms which were granted to the Borough of Manchester in 1842. The bee denotes Mancunians’ hard work during this era and Manchester being a hive of activity in the 19th century.

Manchester is a city filled with loving, kind, hard working people. I have spent at least a few days a year in the city for the past six years. It is an amazing place, and now it has been terrorized.

I will say, Manchester has had terror before if you look up the 1996 IRA bombing, but they were warned of that attack.

What happened on the evening of May 22 at the Manchester Arena is horrifying. There is no defense such an act. None. I don’t care what your beliefs are, there is no excuse in the world for attacking innocent children.

Manchester has had my heart for years, and I know they will come back from this even stronger than before, but for now, they need our help. If you have space to offer, please post to Twitter with the hashtag #roomformanchester. If you need to find someone or can offer other help, use the hashtag #manchester. If nothing else, retweet these hashtags to help them trend.

Manchester is going to need more help as morning approaches, please stay vigilant. And, most importantly, tell people you love that you do because nowhere is safe in this day and age.

My heart is with you, Manchester.

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