May 31 2017

Star Wars trilogy not following a plan

If after seeing Star Wars The Last Jedi you ask yourself about why it doesn’t seem totally connected to The Force Awakens, there’s a reason for that.

Conversing with a fan on Twitter, Last Jedi director Rian Johnson revealed that there was no plan for his film other than it was to build off of Force Awakens. Which explains why he has said he had so much creative freedom.

While I’m all for creative freedom, there has to be some sort of structure. Abrams set up a lot of questions in Force Awakens such as Rey’s past, who Snoke is and so on. Without at least an outline how does all of this get resolved?

Now, imagine if Johnson doesn’t answer some of these questions, and goes on to set up some more of his own. What sort of freedom does that leave for Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow? Instead of having a lot of freedom, he is instead saddled with two movies and two directors worth of dangling plot threads to resolve.

And then comes the expanded universe materials which are now all confirmed canon and being overseen by a story group. How is Trevorrow supposed to build an original story when he has all these masters to answer to?

I’m still hopeful for Last Jedi, but now I’m cautious.

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