July 1 2017

Fox announces six mystery Marvel films

Fox isn’t parting ways with the X-Men films anytime soon it would seem.

20th Century Fox announced the release dates for six mystery Marvel-related films on Friday. Here is how the schedule currently breaks down.

2018 20th Century Fox Marvel Films

2019 20th Century Fox Marvel Films

2020 20th Century Fox Marvel Films

2021 20th Century Fox Marvel Films

Now, to be clear, Fox holds the rights to all of the X-Men universe films as well as the Fantastic Four. If they don’t move on Fantastic Four within a certain amount of time – the exact span is unknown – the rights revert to Marvel.  The last film was released Aug. 7, 2015, so you would have to imagine one of these dates is another stab at keeping that license around. My guess is it’s one of the 2020 dates.

As for the other possible films, a Deadpool 3 seems a lock already considering the success of the first film. There has also been some talk of an X-Force film, so I would imagine that’s in there somewhere as well.

That still leaves us with three unknown projects and those could really be anything. New Mutants 2? Another mainline X-Men film? Your guesses are as good as mine at this point.

Honestly, all of this makes me a bit sad. These properties belong back ‘home’ with Marvel proper, but it’s clear that isn’t going to happen any time soon.

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