July 13 2017

Doc Savage movie doesn’t appear to be happening any time soon

With Dwayne Johnson’s schedule, the delay of the Doc Savage movie isn’t a huge surprise, but it still is disappointing.

Shane Black spoke with Pure Grain Audio this week as he is finishing up the editing process on The Predator, and the subject of the Doc Savage movie announced last year came up.

I don’t know right now because I’m busy editing Predator. Editing has begun, so that’s a process not of weeks, but months. Predator is still a focus and will be until November at least. Along the way, I’ll see where things land and the chips fall. We talked about Doc Savage with Dwayne Johnson, but Dwayne’s dance card is pretty full.

Gee… someone finally noticed that? Johnson keeps signing up for films left and right and I’ve wondered when the schedule would finally get too tight.

If there’s a slot for us, I don’t know. There might be, I think he wants to do it but you don’t always win. So if that’s the case I might have to shift to something. I’m open to it and I’ll just roll with it.

In the meantime, if I have an idea that I think I want to sit down and write by myself, I’ll do that too. The only thing I want to create is something prolific, especially as I get older. I don’t know what I’ll do next after Predator, but I do know that I owe it to myself to first and foremost is to be prolific and not just drift.

Maybe Johnson shouldn’t keep people waiting? Don’t get me wrong, I like Johnson, but there is a point where you can’t possibly do all of these projects. Don’t sign up unless you are sure you can do it, it isn’t fair to the others involved.

Source: Pure Grain Audio .

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