July 14 2017

2017 Emmy nominations – It’s not the same old race

With the 2017 Emmy nominations finally out, a lot of people are saying how the broadcast networks are making a comeback… did they see the same numbers I did?

The top broadcast network was NBC with 60 nominations, but 33 of those come from Saturday Night Live (22) and This Is Us (11). While congrats to those shows, that isn’t really a lot to crow about. When you are broadcast network you theoretically are in every home in the country and they are being beat by the likes of Netflix which is streaming only. That’s even more difficult to watch than HBO.

In short, the broadcast networks really need to step up their games. It doesn’t matter what gains they made, it’s time to stop making excuses for the low-quality shows they are putting out. Consumer tastes are changing and it’s time for them to catch up.

On the good side, congrats to Hulu for making inroads this year. I enjoyed The Handmaid’s Tale, but I’m on the fence if it needed that many Emmy noms.

Here are the breakdowns by outlet and show. It’s going to be an interesting race this year.

Nominations by Network

(three or more)

Nominations by program

(five or more)

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